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Image by Guillermo Ferla

Work at Astro Panda

Astro Panda Studios is a small-shop software development and cloud services management firm founded in 2017 and based in Shawnee, Oklahoma. We build software solutions for clients ranging from nation-wide manufacturers to online education providers, and are currently developing a wider client base for managed cloud services. We take our software very seriously, but not ourselves!


We are a fully remote team, with flexibility around scheduling for all employees. We not only create great software, but also have an eye to develop the next generation of great developers through our internship & apprenticeship programs.


Regardless of position, working at Astro Panda Studios you can expect to be:

  • Working on software that is built to offer a higher quality of life to the company employees we craft it for and to increase client profitability.

  • Encouraged to keep learning inside and outside of your area through dedicated time and investment for continuing education and certifications.

  • Having fun at work with a team that enjoys listening to 8-bit remakes of all the best songs, crafting the next greatest panda pun, and participating in game jams.

Open Job Opportunities

There are no open positions at the moment. We do have paid internships and apprenticeships on a regular basis; to submit your information for one of those seasonal opportunities, click Apply Now and we will reach out whenever our next internships become available. 

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