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Celebrate open source software with developers across the globe by participating in the 8th annual Hacktoberfest!


Team up with other seasoned & aspiring developers in Shawnee to make 4 pull requests in October and earn a free tee. 


Come enjoy a cup of coffee and code with us. Be a part of a supportive group of local devs completing the hacktoberfest challenge as a team!

3 - 4 pm every Sat in Oct

@ Coffee N' Crafts


PR Party

Finish up your Hacktoberfest challenge in this all-day coding hang-out! Bring your laptop and code alongside the rest of Shawnee's Hacktoberfest team.


$10 ticket includes swag,

lunch, and beverages all day.

Some free options, click

below to learn more.

October 23rd 10 am - 4 pm

@ 20 West Works

What is Open Source?

Not sure what open source software is, or confused about why it's even a thing? Learn from local developers about this important sector of the technology industry and why Open Source is good for everyone!

All are welcome.​

1-2 pm, October 23rd

@ 20 West Works

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