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My Story

I'm Turner and I started Astro Panda. You can ask anyone who knows me, and they're sure to tell you that I absolutely love software. Aside from the long list of reasons why I enjoy developing solutions, software has the potential to improve the daily lives of real people, and that to me, is enough to love it. I actually started out as an Anthropology student, where I learned the tools and techniques of the trade to breakdown and analyze cultural systems like language or families.

When I began to code, I made the connection that software is really just a way to teach a piece of a worldview to computers. After that, things just made sense and I couldn't get enough of app building. Now, I've been at it since 2013.

In my spare time and in the wild, I can usually be found with a dozen GitHub tabs open reading up on some of my favorite libraries, writing music, baking bread with my family, or coloring/singing/running/jumping with my daughter.

Turner Bass

Panda in Chief

Turner Bass


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